We Hear All the Blatant Lies

We hear all the blatant lies
and see the swagger of the “wise guys,”
and ask, “Why, oh, why?”
Is it power to claim and maintain?
Most of these liars are staffers
who have many more smarts
than the president’s own
family can claim.
They must know the score
but are willing to sell their
soul for a simple pour
of Esau’s porridge.
Perhaps they are in it for the money
and eventually will shout, “See you
later, honey.”
Who knows? Both — power and money.
It’s like the Great Lake sea lamprey —
attaching themselves and sucking the
life out of fresh water fish,
but who, thankfully, are enticed
by pheromones to death’s destiny.
I hope the staffers know
enough to jump ship,
and reclaim their integrity
before they are accomplices to
the health care drowning of Americans —
millions upon millions upon millions
of their fellow citizens.
For power and money, people will do anything.
Let’s hope there are pheromones for that.
I can think of one — the junior Dr. Martin Luther King.

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