Flailing at Webs

In the morning when he takes the dog
Out he has to navigate the mid-summer
Spider webs just outside his back door,
Front door, garage door, every door –
Flailing away hoping a spider won’t
Land on him and start his day with
A sting or bite, and so his day starts
With a minor fright. Then he goes in,
Sits at his computer, looks up the news
Of the day and the flailing begins
Again, and this time he brushes webs
Of potentially, poisonous, political
Arachnids away.

1 thought on “Flailing at Webs

  1. Every day, a new assault on mind and heart by the maniac in the WH … and his cohorts of the narrow-minded with their dried up souls … taking our nation into a cesspool from which it will be very hard to extract ourselves. And, oh gosh, how those folks from Western Michigan are cheering him on … and now Pete Hoekstra for ambassador to Holland? Good grief … and so the webs are flung far and wide, and we’re all caught.

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