All Jacked Up

The commentator asked why the
rhetoric has jacked up so quickly
between the president and the

leader of North Korea jacking
up the stress and anxiety of the
American people. We didn’t

know to be so jacked up because
we were camping and didn’t hear
anything about it for the time it

has been going on, but, hey, two
psychos playing “Mine is Bigger
Than Yours” grade school recess

drivel is not real big on our must
watch TV even now that we are
home and watching TV, however,

the very mention of the president’s
name is enough to jack up our anxiet-
ies like when I was a kid watching

the original, really scary Mummy
movie especially for an eight-year-
old on a dark, summer night in the

neighbor’s side yard and I screamed
bloody murder as a fire-fly flew
by my eye.

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