Sailing Two Seas

We are back from camping
and kayaking. We kayaked
on a large lake yesterday
with choppy waters, big
winds and fast boats (fun
and a challenge if occasion-
ally a bit scary) and today
we were on a little, quiet
pond with all the turtles
on the dead tree trunks
and branches and two red-
headed, sand hill cranes
hovering protectively over
a nest on a small island
on the pond — so peaceful
and meditative…choppy
waters and big boats, a
little, quiet pond, turtles
galore diving in as we pass-
ed quietly by paddles cutt-
ing through the water, dipp-
ing by the lily pads, barely
slapping the surface and
cranes straining at our
passing, near silent boats,
watching, waiting, protect-

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