He Thought About Being Attached

He thought about being attached 
	to the universe, world, neighborhood, 
wife, family, friends, dog, and then 
	he thought about simply caring 
about all those for themselves and 
	not for him or as his and seeing all 
of those as gifts. Letting go of himself, 
        his needy self, his grabbing 
self, his false self the dog comes 
	to mind. The dog died just days 
ago and he misses the dog’s presence 	
        desperately but in his true self, his 
empty self, he and the empty dog 
	are together as he is in God and 
the dog is in God and God is in 
	them in the Realm even as he sits
thinking about it and wiggling his toes
	in his wonderful running shoes
to which he is very attached in his false self.

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