I Give Thanks

I give thanks for Donald Trump
because, as he speaks of fake

news, he has shown me my fake
self, my Donald Trump self. I

can’t stand this guy because he
represents the absolute worst in

my life. He’s the extreme and
I pray that what I see does not

loom large in my life, but I know
that if I violate one of the com-

mandments I violate them all
and so I stand bankrupt before

life and there is just enough for
me to know that I need once

again to go to the mercy-seat,
and ask the Lord to take my

fake self, my selfish self, my
ego self, my infantile self,

my violent self, my insecure self
my white self, my privileged self

and empty that false self into
the ineffable mercy and love

of God and find my true self,
my Jesus self.

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