Sadness and Human Adaptation

It seems so sad,
Just catching on to nature,
Hiking, backpacking, kayaking,
From a ten-year-old in the forest preserves
To seventy-two, only sixty-two years
And wanting so many more
For everyone,
But the permafrost is melting,
The polar caps are melting,
The sea is rising,
The desert is drying
Out completely.
I’m so sad
And in my old age
And all the pains and aches
I still have a sense of survival
So I’ll hunker down by the fresh water
Great Lakes
And experience short-term
Emotional, physical and spiritual

1 thought on “Sadness and Human Adaptation

  1. Thanks Bob … powerful … soulful … and melancholy … what else can we do? I’m so goddamned mad right now, but no sense in letting that anger have its full-run … it’ll just eat my lunch. We do what we can to resist the madness, but hunkering down is a gift of age … not a retreat, but a time to catch one’s breath and revive … our effort are not without results.

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