And a Child Shall Lead Them

Once again and again and again,
he stumbled and fumbled his way
into a last-minute decision which

he knew virtually nothing about
and once again sent everyone into
hypertension and hypoglycemic

reaction (except 33 % of the pop-
ulation), trembling at the thought
of hundreds of thousands of inn-

ocent kids being torn away from
their families and sent somewhere
which signifies nowhere and Kafka

laughed from somewhere on the
other side of the nowhere, except
that this time he may have tripped

over his own feet into something
which actually might have a good
outcome. If anything, he has shown

that in contrast to him there are,
believe it or not, conservatives
with heart or at least a keen in-

stinct for America’s compassion
for little kids and dogs and po-
litical survival and, in a crazy

kind of way, he may have helped
save the day for all those kids,
about whom he knows nothing and

cares even less.

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