F. Scott, Ernest, Jesus and Mammon

Someone took the F. Scott quote on
the rich and made the following

humorous exchange: F. Scott ad-
dressed Ernest, “The rich are dif-

ferent from the rest of us,” to which
Ernest replied, “Yes, they have more

money,” and there is the rub — the
money. Recently someone disputed

F. Scott’s assertion. To paraphrase:
“The rich aren’t any different from

the rest of us. They are just as venial,
small-minded, selfish, corrupt, uncar-

ing and greedy as the rest of us.” Yes,
but maybe, just maybe, all that money

lends itself toward making the rich a
wee bit more of all those not such

great things because as an incredibly
insightful person said, “You cannot

serve God and mammon,” and that is
always the temptation when you have

a lot of mammon and F. Scott said
something like that in the quote.

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