The Descendants of Cain

The blood sucking leaches
leach onto the biggest blood

sucker of all time and suck
the blood out of the system

saying glibly that it is all
for national security. These

are the people who want
smaller government meaning

smaller for everyone of color
and women and more profitable

for them. Instead of looking
to fix a dysfunctional system,

they seek to perpetuate the
blood sucking sick system,

cough and say, “See, we are
allergic to them,” — them

being their brothers and
sisters and all those who

came from the womb of Eve,
children of God and not

blood sucking leaches
except if your name is

Cain, who even unbe-
knownst to them was

loved unconditionally
and, therefore, included

and so too, are all leaches
inspite of themselves which

has something to say about
unconditional love and

gives hope for the justice
that comes from that love

as hard as that grace is
to understand and even

harder to accept.

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