An Invitation to All With Certain Discriminatory Exceptions

Calling all artists, members of the 
		please bring your art for the juried show, 

(oh no, no pottery or other 3-D pieces),

except if it is not very large, 
		in which case maybe, 

(oh no, actually in which case not any {zero, none} are welcome)

because we have moved to a much 
		bigger and 
but there are dancers during the week 

			and they may 
			knock over 3-D pieces 
				on kiosks, 

so please wonderful members, 
just keep your art at home; 

we think you will just love 
the new gallery; it’s so much 
nicer than being in the reception 

                            DON'T YOU THINK? 

Don’t forget to join us for the 
reception and awards presentation

	yummy appetizers and ever so 
	fine wine.
	Sincerely,
	Your art loving planning committee 
                       making art available to all

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