He Thought

He thought, I have racist inclinations
But I try rationally to account for
Endemic and systemic reasons for
The plight of minorities and ask

Forgiveness for my fears and
Prejudices and pray that my
Head knowledge drops lovingly
into my heart. “I am a violent

Man Learning to be non-violent,”
Said Cesar Chavez and so with me,
He thought to himself. Then he
Thought about the (p)resident of

The United States and how he
Indulges his prejudices and his
Bullying and posturing of violence,
And he thought of the present

(p)resident’s base and, for all the
Reasons offered up on social media,
Their blind, visceral, near orgasmic
Fascination with the (p)resident,

And then he thought that there is
A xenophobic, nativistic Black
Hole in the Amerikan universe of
Endemic And systematic prejudice

Sucking people into fear, ignorance
And unbridled violence, the hell
Into which only Jesus is unafraid
To venture and heal. We must follow.

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