Some Say He Is A Madman

Some have said that he is a madman.
He certainly is mad as in angry – all
the time even when he smiles his
Cheshire grin. A two-year-old gets

angry, too, because he is told what
to do and it is something he doesn’t
want to do because it keeps him from
doing what he wants to do. The madman

is an old man; he can do pretty much
what he wants to do and if people
don’t like it, he gets mad and plots
and carries out vengeance on them. 

A toddler is part of the community we
call blood, and one day, as time goes
on, by grace, she will see herself as
part of a greater community – the

community of humanity and then the
community of creation, a sister to
Brother Moon And Sister Sun as Francis
sang. She will suffer and ache and,

hopefully, that suffering will trans-
late into compassion for that community
of humanity and creation which suffers
on and on. The madman? No, he is a

single, solitary figure staring into
a pond, and desperately and frantically
and furtively looking around for the
shadow which, perhaps, was there once.

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