{As the man sat at his desk}

As the man sat at his desk,
his eye caught the movement
of a branch out the window in
the red berry bush. A female
Cardinal held tightly to the
branch while resting her tush.
She chirped and chirped. Was she
frantic; was she demanding;
was she lovingly calling to her
mate? Was he running late?
The man could hear here calling,
“It is going to be unseasonably
warm today; we have to make hay,
because winter is on its way.”
Enough with the silly anthropo-
morphizing he said to him-
self. He didn’t have a clue
what was going on in the bush,
until he saw the chipmunk’s tush
scampering up that same bush
onto the roof to gather another
red berry, the chipmunk saying,
“Winter is coming. I must not
tarry.” Then the man just shook
his head uttering, “There I go
again making birds and chip-
munks into women and men.”

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