{I wish not to speak}

I wish not to speak
of darkness,
except in sleep,
where darkness
envelopes and
allows one to go deep
and wake refreshed,
but soon the darkness
does seep
into one’s wakened soul
for darkness envelopes
us whole;
we pray the darkness to lift;
in darkness,
our voices will not lift
us beyond the darkness;
it permeates the land,
which feels more
like quicksand.
And so, we, frightened
beings of the dark,
worship weapons
and embark on horrific
and then disembark
and the darkness
grows darker
and we cannot
where to flee
can we sleep

1 thought on “{I wish not to speak}

  1. Bob, this is a classic, one of your very best, capturing our individual and collective “night of the soul” experiences! We wait in hope that the son/sun also rises.

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