Because by now
every progressive organization
has his number,
he receives e-mails galore
from more
than worthwhile
either asking for money,
or to contact a
state or federal representative,
or both,
but he is not in the mood,
given that he has slipped
from enthusiasm for
the cause and protest
to the depressing
state of ennui
with the unfolding
horror of the presidential
election and the daily
news stories of how
much worse it is
than he ever could
have thought,
so he reluctantly
deletes them for now
in the hope he will
regain his enthusiasm
for the cause, but
even as a non-violent
protestor, he has no trouble
venting his spleen
at the countless ads that
barrage his e-mail in-box
all day long.
He scrolls down to
“If you wish to be
removed from our
mailing list, please go here.”
He hits here with
the vengeance of a
terrible swift sword
and cries loudly at the
computer screen, “
I’ll tell you where to
go. Take that,
you capitalist scavengers,”
but he still has to
enter his e-mail
address and click
by which time
he, once again, has
slipped back into

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