Glad and,Yet, So Very, Very Sad

He was born in about the middle of the
Twentieth Century into Middle American,

White life; he thought Ozzie and Harriet
Were great; he wanted to be Ricky. The

Books he read in school showed cute,
White kids prancing around after school

In their Levi jeans. He wanted to be one
Of those kids, so he used to climb trees.

He loved the Mickey Mouse Club but
Never had a desire to wear the mouse

Ears. He was happy in the late nineteen-
Forty’s and all fifty’s into sixty’s life.

He lived and died and lived again
Playing Audie Murphy and never died

Playing Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rodgers
And the Lone Ranger. He wanted to be Pat

Boone, crooning “April Love,” and could
Jump from couch to chair to floor

Playing Superman, until George Reeves
Committed suicide, the Civil Rights

Movement came along, along with Viet
Nam protests and a hundred million dead

In the 20th Century and suddenly Jesus
Said, “Boy, you have been living in a

White, privilege cocoon, and it is time
For you to wake up to why I arrived on

This earth in the first place.” And he
Did and now his life is filled with an

Upper case Jesus the way Jesus had only
Been in the lower case and, by that grace,

He knows why he feels grateful and glad
And, at the same time, so very, very sad.

One thought on “Glad and,Yet, So Very, Very Sad

  1. It takes courage to make the change … and you have always been a man of courage. Though a price to be paid for refusing to change, and deciding to change … you have chosen the better exchange.

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