The State of the Nation, Seemingly Everyday

Everyday, seemingly, there is another
sordid story about filthy rich guys,
mostly in the entertainment industry,
acting filthy and being led around by

“little Elvis,” and thinking every
harassed woman would be thrilled
to set her gaze on “the hound dog,”
while fires raged in California and

hurricanes beat up on Texas, Florida,
Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
and white cops continued to kill unarmed
black guys in cities around the country

and football players knelt in reverence
during the playing of the national anthem
in protest of those killings and crazy,
lunatic white guys with torches marched

once again through Charlottesville while
giving straight-arm salutes, the (p)resident
of the United States dreams about the
good old days when he could just reach

out and grab the privates that weren’t
private to him or any of his lecherous,
old, white guy buddies and that is the
state of the nation.

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