I Keep Praying While He Keeps Dreaming

I keep praying the worst
possible scenario won’t

occur, but everyday it
gets worse and worse

while the (p)resident
seems to glory in his

sociopathic, narcissistic
tweets while he waits

to push the red button
and while the defense

system works for us,
we will have to deal

with millions of deaths
in North Korea, South

Korea, Japan and islands
galore. Will we be respons-

ible for the deaths of
millions of humans not

counting live stock as
scripture would have it?

Well, we elected him and
the buck has to stop some-

where. The (p)resident
will take all the credit

for the single worst in-
cident of mass murder in

human history as he dreams
of grabbing, grabbing,

grabbing with the lobster
pincers of Pincher Martin

on a rock in the middle of
purgatory leaning toward hell.


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