Does Every Regret…

Does every regret in life
Follow in nocturnal strife?
The softest pillow, it is said
Is a clear conscience instead.
Do the pearly gates creek loudly each night
With those waiting to contest every slight?
Is that why you toss and turn
Anticipating confrontations which burn?
Hell is now, so it is said.
Who knew it would be each night in your bed?
Is being unforgiven something pridefully to cherish
with the inevitable nightly result being to perish?
Admit it to one and accusers disarm
And make amends where it does no harm.
If accusers are long deceased,
conjure their spirits and ask
forgiveness to find sweet peace.
Either grace is sufficient for all
Or all each night re-experience the fall.
It is not so. Many sleep serene.
Salvation now is such a sweet thing.

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