It’s Semantics Not Rocket Science, Boss

It’s semantics — the way words are put
together; it’s all in the verbal inflection:
“Well, you know, he did sign up for it,”
as a note of condolence to a grieving widow?
Cold, uncaring, matter-of-fact, at a time
that matter-of-fact is the last thing needed.
And then there is “He was a hero to sign up
for it, for what may come, for what you hope
doesn’t but may and God forbid, did.” The (p)-
resident of the White House was coached by a
military father who lost a son to war, but
trusting anything to the (p)-resident is
always risky and given the (p)-resident’s
tin ear, we all need to fear what will come
out of his mouth, something none of us,
especially a grieving wife, wishes to hear.

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