In and Out of Season With the Temperamental Chef

He swore he had made his last soup of the season
when his wife asked for a reason.
He said, “Enough is enough,”
And walked out of the kitchen in a big huff.
That evening his wife baked seasoned chicken
And the next morning, without warning
he got up saying, “I bet the left-over chicken
would make excellent soup,”
so he made for the kitchen.
His wife asked, “What is your reasoning?”
“My darling, nothing but the glory of your
unique, homemade seasoning.
“The pièces de résistance, it will be
like the glorious taste of new honey from the bee,
or my name is not Chef Boy Bobby.”
So he got the big pot
and went chop, chop, chop
with vegetables from the crisper.
He tossed in the seasoned chicken,
and then gave his wife a whisper.
“Thank you, darling, for making the
chicken richly seasoned.
It has given me a new soup-making reason.”
So he grabbed a full bottle of white wine
And his wife shouted, “Darling, it is too early. Look at the time.”
He poured into the pot all of the white wine
and said, “All will be just fine.
Darling, your love is my only reason
in and out of season.
You have inspired me to be
the great Chef Boy Bobby.”
With that she gave him a kiss
and left him to his soup making bliss.

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