Slip, Slidin’ Away

The good old days when civil rights were
advocated for all including LGBT’s,
marriage was recognized for all sexual

orientations, women began to have power
over their own bodies, environmentalism
wasn’t a seven syllable dirty word, black

lives began to matter, browns, yellows
and reds and immigrants began to see
hope on the horizon, a brilliant bi-

racial president held forth with in-
credible dignity, moral rectitude and
a great sense of humor, there were

really, super angry, scared to death
whites who felt their Ozzie and Harriet
world was all slipping away and so they

got a white supremacist, racist guy who
happens to be a malevolent narcissist
elected to the presidency of the United

States while Adolph rose up from the grave
all these years after cowardly committing
suicide and shouted “Mein Kampf,” straight

armed salutes were seen here and there
and the bomb loomed large over amber waves
of grain and purple mountains majesty –

at least for the time being and all in
what seemed like a nano-second of
extreme democratic fragility.

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