Feeling Blue

The man took the chocolate lab for a
walk in the rain on the second day of

the week-long tryout period. The six-
year-old dog, going on six months,

tugged frantically to the left and then
the right on the leash and then stopped

stone still and stared at an old, blue
van in a driveway. The dog hadn’t seen

his former master in six months which
had been spent in a cage in a down

state animal shelter. The man wondered
if a dog has an elephant’s memory. “Did

he drive a van, Buddy? Did you used to
ride in a van?” Then the man hesitated,

thought for a second and remembered that
dogs actually see shades of blue even

though color challenged and said, as
if the dog would understand, “Did your

master drive an old, dark blue van,
Buddy?” While the dog continued to

stand and stare at the van, the man
stood in the rain staring at the dog.

The man started to choke up, cleared
his throat, tugged on the leash and

said,“Come on, Bud, let’s go.”

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