{In our instant gratification culture}

In our instant gratification
culture, we think that any

and everything can be an-
alyzed and described,

inspected and dissected
instantaneously when,

if we are honest with our-
selves, we know that in

our individual lives it
takes generations upon

generations to understand
why we have the dreams

we have, and so, we should,
at least, give twenty, thirty,

forty, fifty years even to
beginning to have a clue

to what is going on in this
seemingly, sudden, surreal

existential nightmare called
the present federal administ-

ration. I guess understanding
how this all came about is

critically important, but
what might be more import-

ant is how we get beyond
this imminently, horren-

dously, dangerous time, so
we can have the leisure to

analyze the situation and
actually make some sense

of it all for future

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