{For all our sins}

For all our sins, the sin
that looms largest is the
assumption that we European

immigrants had the manifest
destiny to eradicate all
native peoples. The hubris,

the arrogance, the horrend-
ously, hate-filled exter-
minating actions rise up

like a Phoenix to accuse
us. From the East through
the Midwest, South, West

and Southwest, our desire
has been elimination, now
as a way of getting rid of

our guilt and shame, which
will rise up higher and
longer than any corrupt

action we have taken. Even
though they never wished to
compete with us; conflicts

naturally occur; they don’t
need to end in ethnic cleans-
ing; they will persevere

because God will see that
the Indians will survive
and thrive in the heart

of God in a way that we
don’t know because we
sold our heart and soul

to the devil out of hubris
for the pettiness of domi-
nation and greed.

And the drums beat on and on.





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