{When I was a kid}

When I was a kid, our family
would travel from Chicago to

Dowagiac, Michigan to visit
with Swedish relatives who were

more friends of my dad than
relatives in as much as he

only had one relative in the
north woods of Wisconsin. We

were warned about going into
the cellar because there might

be Eastern Massasauga rattle-
snakes there, so we would open

the doors and frightened, just
peer inside. My Uncle Ernie had

a Chris Craft speedboat and
would speed us across Indian

Lake. I remember loving the
smell of the burning marine

gas and whenever I smelled
it afterward, the good memories

it brought. Now, my wife and
I are kayakers and we love

the smell of the water, the
weeds, the bass, bluegills,

perch, Northern Pike and the
sight of the turtles who fled

the stumps at our near silent
approach. I think the Indians

for whom Indian Lake was
named would approve.

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