Alabama Shines Tonight*

Fundamental decency in Alabama won tonight
after an epic, “rule of law vs. lawlessness” political fight
for justice, inclusion, equality and LGBT rights.
Alabama shines tonight!

*Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate,
in an election to fill the term of Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions,
won an upset victory over the Republican candidate, Roy Moore,
an alleged pedophile.

One thought on “Alabama Shines Tonight*

  1. HALLELUJAH! May this be the beginning of a cleaning of the Stygean Stables [aka WH].
    However, we must carefully note that the Black folks gave Doug 97% of their vote and White poor folks made up the difference. Charles Barkley got it right: Black folks and poor folks have always voted for Democrats….Democrats better get off their A$$es and do more for them.
    Begin with killing this tax bill, follow up with cutting the military budget to restore funds for CHIP and healthcare, passing a clean DACA bill, shoring up Medicare, etc.

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