Oh, my goodness, your mother,
who prided herself in not letting

me know what her needs and
wants were and expected me to

know all those things, if I really
loved her (which, of course, I did)

and then your mother died and
now a quarter of a century later

you are playing the same game. I
don’t know what to do any more

than I knew what to do way back
then; I’m inclined to say, “I love

you and I don’t know what you
need because you are not telling

me and you are expecting me to
play the game which you don’t

see as a game and let me tell you
that I am not willing to play that

game but I am willing to hear you
and respond to you in love and do

what I can do, as a flawed human
being, to help you not only make

due but do the best you can do as
your incredibly precious you.”

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