Numbing the Holidays

It’s Christmas time, a time to feel just fine
and wallow in this hallowed, wonderful Jesus’

time, a time when advertisements dominate time
and all to testify to a heart warming time of

goodwill and compassion to shine, but at this
time in time the pharmaceutical company is do-

ing it’s time to flood the market with drugs
that will addict a billion children in time,

a very short time, and will bring huge profits
to the company at this most holy time. Merry

Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy Holidays —
holy days good for Vulture Capitalism in this

blessed demonic time of USA’s capitalism’s
robber time and evangelical, white Christian’s

holy time of going to heaven when they die
in time and to hell with everyone else

in this and every other most holy time
and have a Merry Christmas this holy time.

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