And a Child Shall Lead Them

So, I, a white, middle-class, male, possessing more
power and privilege than almost every brown and black
skinned person in America if for no other reason than

I am all of the above plus a senior citizen, do stuff
to help. That’s it. That’s about all. I protest in-
justice by marching on the streets and I protest in-

justice by writing poems, but to be honest, I don’t
do the kind of stuff that would really cost my white,
middle-class life…, oh, you get the picture. Then

I read about this seven-year-old girl who saw her
best friend, an eight-year-old boy, shot dead in
front of her, so she did what any self-respecting

eight-year-old would do, she wrote a letter to the
president of the United States asking him what he
is going to do about such tragedies, such violence,

such gun violence. The president sent a letter telling
her that he was sorry and would keep her in his prayers.
Undeterred, she wrote again clarifying that the president

didn’t answer her question. He didn’t reply. I hope I
meet that girl at a protest march. I would be so proud
to stand in her shadow.

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