One Afternoon’s Reprieve

After my minor physical procedure,
We spent the afternoon at a motel
As I was restricted in movement.
We watched a movie channel all afternoon —
A drama where we cheered the two
Abused women as they found their
Revenge and then a sappy, romantic
Comedy where boy and girl met,
Fell in love after beating the odds
And not the horrible guy from the other
Movie who was done in by the two brave
Women. We cheered the women in one
And cried our eyes out for the couple in
The other and gave each other a high
Five for not watching all the disquieting,
Frustrating news of politics of the day
Even though when we return home we
Will not cough up the coins for the
Movie channel, in part because we don’t
Want give in to passivity and watch our
Brains turn into any flavored jello you
Might like. We will go back to all
The bad news hoping our brains don’t
Turn to mean-spirited mush.

1 thought on “One Afternoon’s Reprieve

  1. Wishing you well … yeah, movies or the news … oh well … what a world … and today’s sadness, beyond belief … our nations slides into a dark place … Mordor …

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