The Dire Prediction

The dire prediction that our democracy
is on the way down and out is a pretty

strong argument and the threat of the
ascendancy of fascism in America is

also something to take seriously, but a
wise rabbi once said that the media is

geared to scare the be-jesus (I paraphrase)
out of us and I appreciate that wisdom.

Hey, it helped elect this guy president.
It all sounds dire and drastic and thankfully

the media has now done an about-face,
but no one is talking about American

resilience. We aren’t Germany in the
1930s and, yes, while we need to remain

alert and diligent and resistant (all wonder-
ful things we actually are doing and are

seemingly indigenous to us as Americans)
we need to affirm our strength, our history

of hard times and threatening movements,
our faults and our sins and our culpability,

our racism and our corporate amnesia,
and then we need to look at ourselves

and honestly say yes to all that and then
say that we still are all here and capable

of change, inclusion, accommodation,
celebration and eventually, God willing,

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