The Theater of the Absurd

This morning, a day after the
killing of seventeen at a high
school in previously peaceful
Parkland, Yahoo posted a photo
of a Fox News host and a head-
line stating she was touting
“safe” AR15s — the murder
weapon. Yesterday was Ash Wed-
nesday. The host had the “sign
of the cross” smudged in ashes
on her forehead for all the
Fox viewers to see. “Oh, she’s
a fine Christian girl.” Didn’t
she sing the Kyrie
in church yesterday?
Does anyone hear an echo
of the Kyrie today?
Does anyone really care
anymore, anyway?
Does anyone catch the irony
or is it just a plain and
simple smudge of hypocrisy
or heresy or obscenity?
Can’t you hear the protest?
“Judge not that you be not judged.”
Yeah, but what about,
“You shall know them by their fruits”?
What does it take to take
the Lord’s name in vain mean anymore?
How do you feel?
Sad, mad, glad, disturbed?
Welcome to the Theater of the Absurd.

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