While the Man Watched

While the man watched Tiger make
his way, typically now very averagely,
around another course since he crash-

ed the Cadillac SUV with his wife
having driven Tiger’s driver #1
through the rear window for what

turned out to be Tiger’s sexual
indiscretions, the man multi-tasked
and read a report about the shooter

at the Florida high school, appear-
ing in court with his female attorney,
her arm around his shoulder, saying

the alleged shooter is “a broken human
being.” The man thought about his last
three chocolate labs from the Humane

Society and how they were “broken”
puppies. Then he thought about all
the things that came into his mind

in short order — Tiger, the alleged
shooter, the three chocolates and
then he thought about himself and

the lawyer’s words and the thought
of her arm around his shoulder in
the moment of the accusations, and

in that moment, he knew that we are
all, to one degree or another, “broken”
and in need of healing. He thought

about how fortunate his labs were
to find their way to his and his
wife’s home and how fortunate he

has been as he thought, “There go
I but for the grace of God,” and
he could only make the sign of the

cross from his forehead down and
across his now heavy and heaving

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