Chrome, Nickel and Steel

You might not think much of chrome, nickel, steel,
but when combined it’s a pretty big deal.
On their own they are strong, much stronger than wood,
but when combined, it is stronger than anyone understood.
The swirling synergy gave the material strength exponentially,
and after that planes would fly higher and faster with incredible energy.
And so if instead of studying individual subjects
as a way of learning,
we swirled all subjects together, our brains would
be burgeoning
with thoughts and ideas beyond anyone’s imagining.
This is related to that, and that influences this
and we would be in synergistic thinking bliss.
We might eventually be integral to our very own
evolutionary emerging.
Scientists, mathematicians and philosophers have
postured such for years.
Thank heaven, theologians are emerging from their fears,
and embracing this courageously in temerity
likening parts of an atom to the Holy Trinity
which whirls and swirls and when combined
finds energy greater than any could find
and now we know that we are part and parcel of the holy dance
leading to an evolutionary (en)chant
at this very moment —
the past, the future combining, swirling
synergizing, energizing
and into the present experiencing —
a love greater than any ever —
a holy infini-tet —
you, me, creator, redeemer, savior
expanding to embrace that not even
known or seen as of yet.

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