Poems and Groans

He looks at the poems
in his inbox each day.
He groans
at the length of
some poems
and then he thinks
about his own poems
and wonders how there
could be groans
at the length of his poems.
Then he heard his own groans
at the length of one
of his very own poems
and then he heard
the groans
that flew through
the air
of the few
who read his poems.
And he made a vow
to those loyal few
that he would
stop writing
long poems
right now,
er, actually right
after finishing up
this particular (but
really not all that
long of a poem,
one at which
someone would groan,
do you think?)

1 thought on “Poems and Groans

  1. Some things require length (no sexual overtones here, please), while others don’t … you strike me as a writer particularly sensitive to the subject matter … exploring at length when needed, and otherwise brief (or is it boxer shorts?) … poems, in their writing, have a life of their own, as words unfold on paper (or the computer screen) … sometimes asking more of us, and sometimes saying “Enough!”

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