Just for the Fun

Blessed are the meek —
gentle Jesus, meek and mild.
In our society that’s interpreted as
emasculation 101,
androgynous Jesus, two for one.
His feminine can be meek and mild
cause that’s what we expect of women,
but his masculine must be the guy
who overturned the tables and
 take jack from Joshua or Jake;
except…meek means non-violent
and it takes a strong female
and a strong male to be non-violent
in this shoot ‘em up, live or die
by the gun culture or any
culture anytime since the time of
Cain and Abel and any macho guy.
So, androgynous aren’t we all?
So, hold onto your non-violent feminine
and your non-violent masculine call
and get into your two for one
when you follow the two for one Son
as you dance to “Here Comes the Sun,”
and “Ain’t We Got Fun?” marching
non-violently for justice,
mercy, peace, holding hands and
standing up to the hand gun,
long gun and all those assault guns.
The Second Amendment is for
the state-run militias otherwise known
as the national guard, son.
But if you must, just buy a BB gun
and go shoot alley rats (literally)
just for the fun.

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