The First Family of Grifters

noun, Slang.
1. a person who operates a side-show at a circus, fair, etc.,
especially a gambling attraction.
2. a swindler, dishonest gambler, or the like.

They ain’t the Beverly Hillbillies,
honest folk in a silly TV series.

In the White House, our First Family Grifters scrounge for money
rippin’ off everyone in the country.

Hopefully, this family of Definition #2 grifters
will soon all be drifters —

once out of power
squatting in a Trump Tower,

bankrupt and without any dough,
hidin’ out in the laundry room
at Mara Lago,

askin’ “Is Daddy Grifter on the golf course?”
Well, now as a caddy, of course.

“Seriously, where is Daddy Grifter, ever so horny?”
Oh, he’s shackin’ up with someone named Stormy.

And as for son Barron and mommy Melania,
they caught a fast flight back to Slovenia.

Good ridden’s, y’all.

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