Sludge is dumped along he river.
His eyes begin to cloud, water, weep.
Oil slicks slide down the stream.
His stomach roils in pain.
Clouds of filth fly through the air.
His skin breaks out in a rash.
The smell from the landfill swirls.
His legs feel heavy and stiff.
The farmlands belch chemicals.
His gate is altered.
Fish with lesions float upside down.
His mouth drips bloody saliva.
Rats putrefy in the sewers.
His legs falter and he stumbles.
Acid rains down on trees.
His hair falls out in clumps.
A turtle without a jaw stares.
His nostrils begin to shut.
A two-legged calf is born.
His eyelids fall off.
Sequoias crash.
(There is no one to hear.)
His eyes shrivel.
The sun can’t be seen.
His body tumbles to the ground.
The earth gurgles and burns.
His spirit departs.
A single, green sprout emerges.

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