Varicose veins run in the males (seriously?)
on my mother’s side of the family.
Yes, I’ve had mine removed.
My father had a thick, wavy head of hair.
Baldness comes from the mother’s father.
I shave my head.
My grandfather had big bumps on his knuckles.
My fingers are stiff in the morning.
My older sister had bunions removed.
I have a bunionette and anticipate.
Somebody back there must have had hammer toes.
My mother had tunnel vision (literally).
I have glaucoma in my left eye.
My mother had thin skin (literally).
I have blue veins under blotchy, parchment skin.
My father had oily skin.
I have very few wrinkles on my face.
Thank the Lord for something positive.
Turkey neck. Thank you, everyone.
My mother had her faculties until she died at 92.
So…hope springs eternal in the otherwise barren
landscape of inheritance.
Kidding, kind of.

*idea from a poem by Carol Moldaw

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