It’s In the Eyes

I think my family has a significant aversion
to my extraversion.
They sit and shake their heads
wondering if I should be on meds.
All introverts,
do they think
I’m on the way to being
some kind of pervert? Yikes!
Do they really equate innocent extraversion
with despicable perversion?
They don’t say much,
but it’s in the eyes.
Judging me like therapists
or international spies.
I guess it can be pretty scary
when I explode and scream bloody murder.
Fortunately for me, I’m on the giving end.
But if I ever looked in the mirror, they say,
for the white coats, they would have to send.
Hey, I’m just an innocent extravert
(or is it extrovert? I never get it right.)
judged ever so harshly by a family of introverts.
They think they are smarter,
deeper, more finely tuned.
“What an insult,” I fume.
It’s as plain as the stars in the sky.
I can see it in their eyes.

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