Peanut Butter and Jelly Justice

He wanted to do
something of deep profundity,
something dealing with
all the sorrow and grief
and disharmony —
the blood-letting
and greedy getting,
continuing hour after hour,
but he kept thinking
about organic cherry preserves
and organic peanut butter
and bread made with
organic flour
toasted just right
and decided that
for such a sandwich
he would be willing
to fight
and maybe even
lay down his life.
Then he heard his wife,
in the cause of the social right
ever steady,
“Honey, before we head
to the protest march, your
sandwich of peanut
butter and jelly is ready.”
He rose from the computer,
headed to the kitchen
for sustenance, nourishment and courage
and then in a righteous posture,
out the door, wife in hand,
to march in another cause
celebre and beyond peradventure.

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