Democracy in a Bowl

This idea came about when an acquaintance mentioned in an e-mail
that his wife was working her way through a package of granola
obtained at a wonderful, local restaurant named Dutch Brothers’.
The acquaintance commented on my previous poem on peanut butter
and jelly and opined on a poem about granola. He also had questioned
my use of the word peradventure in a previous poem, for which I was
appreciative because I had forgotten to qualify “peradventure” with
the word “beyond.”

For better or worse, here is my spontaneous, “off the cuff” effort:

Look at granola —
unity in diversity, inclusivity, variety.
That’s a big, beautiful,
bowl of democracy.
Drink it in; milk it for what it’s worth;
now, there is something to chew on —
Without a peradventure —
a taste for everyone.

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