Hope for Earth and Sky, a Sestina

He looked out upon the budding trees,
his vision lifted beyond to the blue sky —
a pale blue in contrast to the blue water
which splashes upon the rocky earth.
Upon the shore someone had lit a fire
next to a freshly budding flower.

He sat and stared at the flower
waiting for buds to flower on the trees.
The wind blew strongly on the fire
as hot, red sparks flew to the sky
falling back black toward the earth
and drown in the deep blue water.

Waves carried ashes upon the water.
Rather than lingering, his future was the flower.
He needed his feet planted firmly on the earth
like roots going deep to hold the budding trees
whose branches reach to the cool blue sky
while embers continued to burn in his heart’s fire.

Would memories burn like a perpetual fire
or would his anguish be quenched by cool water
so his soul could soar once more to the sky
while embracing the reawakening spring flower
and beholding the emerging leaves of trees
with roots planted firmly in the earth.

Was his dream shattered by a scorched earth?
Would his hopes all burn in the consuming fire?
Would the flames leap up to consume the trees?
Would it all be saved by the baptismal water?
Would the water quench the thirsty flower?
Would the air be pure throughout the sky?

Humanity’s hopes reach beyond the sky
while hoping for the salvation of the earth
so that dreams and desires might flower
and burn eternal in the spirit’s fire
never to be quenched by deadening water
but exalting in the upward arms of trees.

Ah, rejoice in the spring flower, shouts the sky
as trees give thanks for the foundation of earth
and in harmony for eternity are fire and water.

1 thought on “Hope for Earth and Sky, a Sestina

  1. I could never express it as well as you do in this piece of poetry Bob. Nor can I begin to express the resonance your words have somewhere deep within me. Thanks for being my poetry.

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