A Dog Doesn’t Wag Its Tail For Free

“A dog doesn’t wag its tale for free,” to him said she,
“so what is it you want from me?”
He replied, “So, let me see — a hug, a kiss,
a vow of eternal love
or perhaps all three
and whatever other gift you might be
inclined to give generously?”
“Now, let me see. I will give you all three
if first of all you give me three.”
Excitedly, he said, “Anything for thee,
my dear, just name the three.”
“Sweeping the floor of dog hair,
cleaning the bathrooms and planting
Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds round the old, oak tree.”
“Don’t you want a yellow ribbon round that old, oak tree?”
“Why would I want a yellow ribbon to see?”
“So when I leave, tail tucked between my knees,
you’ll often think of me.
Bye, bye, ma chérie.”

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