What Will We Be Called?

He spent his first winter in eight years
in the cold, upper Midwest where he
was born and lived except for a few
months each of those eight years in

Phoenix, the city one writer termed
the place that shouldn’t exist because
it is plunked smack dab in the middle
of the dry, dry desert but does exist

because the whites who settled there
got lucky the Hohokams who preceded
them were smart enough to dig ditches
from the Salt and Snake Rivers so the

village which became a town and then
a huge city could have water because
Phoenix is low and there is gravity.
And it has worked so far….Anyway,

there are many, many folk who were
born and lived in those hot, desert
climes who now live up north by the
Big Lake and he wonders how they can

stand the cold and then he remembers
that they probably at one time or
another lived in Siberia and humans
are pretty good at adaptation, if not

quite as good as cockroaches, rats
and crocodiles, that is until the
water runs out or goes bad. Is that
what happened? You would have to

ask a desert canal builder, if you can
find one. Hohokam means “all used up”
or “those who are gone.” Those who
drink the water from the Big Lake

are getting warning notices. What
will we be called and will anyone
be around to call us something or
will we all be “those who are gone”?

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