A Leaky Vessel

The ghost writer who isn’t much of a ghost
said (to paraphrase), in reference to the man
for whom he was the ghost, “He’s empty. He’s

an empty, leaky vessel. Something complimentary
is poured in it leaks out quickly thus necessitating
more and more and more compliments.” Even though

the former ghost isn’t a psychologist nor a psych-
iatrist nor a licensed therapist, he uses all the
jargon, and it all rings true and true to more than

just a few of the licensed therapists: malevolent
narcissist, ego-maniac, misogynist, racist, black
hole, soulless, heartless, incapable of compassion

and empathy, inherently cruel and on and on and on
and maybe to the most metaphorical — an empty, leaky
vessel. Then the former ghost gave the scary warning

(to paraphrase), “If he had the power of the despots
he admires, he would be killing his perceived enemies
in the numbers of the worst despots.” The former ghost

has scary things to say and we should listen up for
he is no etherial being, no ghost vanishing with the
first daylight breeze. He’s the writer who followed

the leaky vessel around watching his every move,
listening to his every word, perceiving his behavior
and then naming it all in an almost poetic image —

a leaky vessel.

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