If They Came For Us….

If they came for us in the night
would we go? If we went,
where would we go?
Would we go to cages
like little ones torn
from their mother’s
side? If we didn’t go,
where would we hide?
They would prevail, of course,
those who sought to take
us away. Would we have
the inner strength of Jesus
who let them have
their say
but remained calm
in the face of such
cruelty and hate?
We would die, but
like Jesus, our
spiritual bodies would be
a witness to
the victory
and true power
of God’s eternal love.
I can only pray
when they take us away,
that it is no longer I who
live but Christ in me,
for what is impossible for
me, Lord, is possible for
Until that day,
if it is to be,
we will nonviolently protest.
I pray I will put my
trust in Thee.
We shall see.

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