Here, Now

Like with everything else,
the question has to be asked,

“What does this have to tell us?”
and the next question is,

“Where does this stand
when viewed through the

lens of compassion, mercy,
justice, peace and self-

sacrificial love?” and if
the answer on the

continuum from zero in
common to one-hundred-

percent, isn’t very good,
well, that then gives rise

to the third question,
“So, what are we going

to do about it?” And
finally an answer: in keeping

with the lens, non-
violent resistance. Which

then gives rise to more
questions: where? when?

Two words: here, now
for here and now encompass

there, then — with a turn of
the head and a glance

backward and forward:
here, now — contemplate,

participate — eternally.

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